Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today we had several guests for Thanksgiving Dinner! We enjoyed your visit. After lunch we came back to the room for some fun and games. We even made Turkey Cookies. The recipe is as follows:
Turkey Cookie

1 Oreo cookie
1 red and 2 orange mini M&M's
1 malted milk ball (or Hershey kiss)
Chocolate frosting
Candy corn pieces (approximately 5-6)
Cover one side of the Oreo with chocolate frosting. Attach the malted milk ball (turkey body) near near the center of the cookie. Arrange candy corn pieces on chocolate frosting with the wide end of candy along the outer edge. Put a large dab of frosting above the malt ball (turkey head). Push the side of the red M&M into this as the wattle. Push orange M&M's (feet) into frosting below body.